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Products & Services

  • MTS Globe offers contracting support, product management and yielding for tour operators in over 12.000 hotels
  • Accommodation

    MTS Globe offers contracting support, product management and yielding for tour operators in over 10.000 hotels. Due to high purchasing volumes, our rates are the most competitive.

    Clients interested in connecting to our online data banks may purchase hotel trading services by collaborating with
    OTS Globe, our specialised hotel trading company.

  • Transfers

    Our transfer services are key to us as a leading incoming agency. Our teams in Transfers manage over 580.000 transfer services for over 5 million passengers a year. Our catalogue includes bus, maxibus, minibus, shuttle, common shuttle, speedy shuttle, taxi and private vehicles. We are able to serve guests in all our 65 destinations, whether the passengers come from dynamic packaging clients, transfer brokers or offline tour operators. We have high volumes of passengers so we can be very competitive and select very carefully our transport providers. In many destinations we own our own bus fleets.

  • MTS Globe offers a large selection of standardised and customized excursions, in each of our destinations.
  • Excursions

    Excursions are one of the most exciting parts of a vacation. It’s that moment when you actually get to truly explore and discover the destination you are visiting, enjoy the landscapes and partake in fun activities with your friends and or family. We make sure we provide the best excursion products, offering a very complete and constantly updated catalogue. We are always open to deliver that specific experience that our tour operator client wants to offer to the end customer. We are the biggest independent incoming agency in Europe and we don’t have exclusivity clauses to follow.

  • Many of MTS Globe customers choose us because we offer comprehensive and IT controlled destination packages
  • Destination Packages

    Many of MTS Globe customers choose us because we offer comprehensive and IT controlled destination packages. Reservation services, hotel payment solutions, tour guiding, transfer packages, standard or customized excursions, groups and round trips…all our destination services can be handpicked and packaged on demand for our customers. Our clients can benefit our extensive range of products and services and create a their selection or package that better suits their needs.

  • We are leaders in the organisation of round trips in many of our MTS Globe destinations
  • Round Trips

    We deliver fantastic routes and all possible combinations so you can enjoy our destinations through excellent quality-price round trips. Our circuits are fully customized and our highly qualified guides make the sure all passengers enjoy the ultimate and most genuine destination experience. Vacation time is precious. Our round trips are planned so that the all experiences and locations in the destination are covered and visited in the most efficient and satisfying way.

  • MTS Globe teams are experts in groups, incentives and customized destination activities
  • Groups & Incentives

    The “wow effect” is key, specially for incentive programmes. It’s all about showing with this trips what a great company or organization you are. We help our clients to send a very strong marketing message by organizing a wonderful destination experience for their guests. The particularities of organizing big group travels require to have an specialized knowledge to strive in this segment of the incoming business. We have decades of experience in this and our colleagues in groups, incentives and events have a client portfolio with top international organizations.

  • MTS Globe collaborates with highly professional providers of a wide range of vehicles
  • Car Rental

    Our vehicle fleet is diverse and big. From small cars to family minivans or limousines and all sort of luxurious cars we can provide a whole range of products in all our destinations. We have the experience and know-how that comes from delivering car rental services for decades in our destinations. We work with the top local providers and move big volumes of passengers. We are able to offer the most competitive prices and attractive availabilities, assuring that all needs get covered.

  • MTS Globe has 20 years of experience in cruise handling
  • Cruise Handling

    MTS Globe has over 20 years of experience in cruise handling, including passenger exchanges, in the majority of our destinations. We complement cruise programs with competitively priced shore excursions, supplementary hotel services and a variety of customized products.