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Desert Gate and MTS Globe look East and announce their expansion into the Indian Ocean

The leading premium inbound company in the UAE and Oman, and part of the MTS Globe Partner Network, officially announces its next phase expansion with the opening of the Maldives as a destination. Designed to coincide with upcoming Arabian Travel Market, Desert Gate and MTS Globe are proud to announce that they are launching the Indian Ocean as a destination for the group.

Samir Tabbah, Group CEO of Desert Gate, explains “At Desert Gate, we are always looking to become more dynamic and offer more services to our partners. Just as Desert Gate, up until last year we did not have the volume to warrant expansion. However, being a member of the MTS Globe Partner Network and therefore using the distribution power of OTS Globe, we can now comfortably carry out this operation as we now estimate that we will handle more than 200.000 guests this year into the UAE and Oman. Our Group Chief Commercial Officer Nicholas Rhodes has carefully built a powerful team to handle the expansion and I have the strongest conviction that this expansion will produce the numbers and volumes that we expect as a group”.

Nicholas Rhodes goes onto comment “From day one, we built Desert Gate to be totally guest as well as partner centric and the results in the UAE and Oman have more than validated that view. But one of our key strengths is also the ability to deeply understand the full commercial process from both a DMC, Tour Operator and hotel point of view. This really helps us to best serve our partners needs, help them to grow their volumes and avoid pain points. As to the Maldives, we have long wanted to offer additional destinations not only as standalones but also as two center holidays as we saw that we were losing UAE sales to companies offering a ‘one stop shop’. Our technology, processes and distribution are totally scalable, and we will not stop at the Maldives, and we are already planning operations as well as acquisitions in other Indian Ocean destinations.”

Desert Gate, founded in 2004 and now with 172 team members, is a Virtuoso Onsite in the UAE and has its own full service office in Oman. It is part of the 50 year old MTS Globe Partner Network with its network of DMCs across 17 countries, currently serving over 5.3M passengers a year.


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