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We are IT driven

At MTS Globe we aim to automate and improve our processes, reduce the workload and to sell better and more efficiently. Through our IT company Axis Data, we have been able to do this. Always using the newest and best technology.

A good example is our TKTouch Mobile Sales Application but, what is it exactly?

Let’s start from the beginning

Back in 2014, Axis Data started to develop the optimum technology to allow MTS Globe to keep on track with the upcoming needs of our clients and the digitalization in tourism. After thorough analysis, tests and a beta version, TKTouch was born in order to sell our products and services via tablets.

A very important aspect it covered was the improvement of the workflows in the destinations, reducing the manual workload and avoiding errors. And we must not forget that it also automated the overall selling and booking process.

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Many destinations and clients are benefiting from it

Axis Data successfully developed and tested the TKTouch Application in close cooperation with MTS Globe Spain and our Business Workflow Team.

More and more destinations use TKTouch to their advantage. The solution has now been rolled-out throughout Spain. Greece started to sell online at the beginning of this summer and as we speak Bulgaria and Portugal are training the first reps to also sell excursions online this summer.

In addition, one of our biggest clients, is using our technology as SAAS (Software as Service) in Spain and Greece and is scheduling to use this technology in a total of 9 countries and over 30 destinations in the future.

With more and more countries working with TKTouch, the input of all the new users and destinations will certainly, positively influence the further development and improvements of this technology.

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Making a difference

TKTouch is something to be proud of. There are several models of online technologies used in the market by our competitors, but none with this kind of seamless integration in the overall workflow: from selling to printing and payment to the automated provider communication of the bookings. That´s one of the reasons why our clients chose our approach over that of the competition.

Thanks to TKTouch, we are selling excursions and leisure & activities through our Reps in all MTS destinations via tablets. And in the future we will add more and more functionalities and tools to it that will be useful for all of us.